T-Rex 700-800 series 112T110T Helical Gear Install Notices

The brand new high strength CNC M1 helical gear features increased thickness and improved overall strength, effectively improve its deformation resistance and wear characteristics from extreme power output, while noticeably increase helicopter’s power output efficiency and noise reduction.
Due to the increased thickness of the gear, please ensure the lower edge of main gear is lined up with lower edge of pinion gear. This will ensure smooth meshing, and avoid interference between pinion’s base and main gear which can lead to unusual wear.

Correct method: lower edge of pinion gear is lined up with lower edge of main gear.

Incorrect method: if not lined up, the pinion and main gear may result in abnormal wear.

13T helical pinion is to be used with 110T helical main gear.

12T helical pinion is to be used with 112T helical main gear.

Line Break - Medium Red

3GX V3.0 Rudder adjustment note

We would like to remind to the V3.0 users, if you have experienced “bounce back “while you are doing pirouette to the right, you can adjust the rudder setup like the photo shown.
And then adjust the Anti-torque compensation in 3GX software. Then you can have the tail locked on any flights.
After updating 3GX V3.0, you have to reset the following 3GX settings:3GX Basic Settings:Rudder Gyro Setup3GX Throttle Range CalibrationPlease be noted, in the 3GX basic settings, the cyclic pitch need to be set as 8 degrees. In throttle range calibration, reset throttle curve and pitch curve to default 0/50/100. And keep flight mode setting as default and it can fly. Please be sure you download the one in the webpage again to make sure you have got the latest version. Also please make sure the 3GX is successfully updated to Version 3.0 so you can feel the difference.

Install rudder servo horn a hole outer, to giving servo has faster reaction under same travel range.

If you have the dual point mounted tail pitch control assembly, please install rudder servo horn a hole inner. ( ie, 550/600/700)

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