By now, I am sure many 700N “beta testers” who frequent forums like helifreak and runryder are pretty worried about throwing or breaking a ball link in flight. No worries, you are not alone. Yours sincerely have  been losing sleep over it too.

In my “desperation”, I wrote a post on the official, Align owned, Align forum. In my post, I enquired about the rumour of links breaking in cold weather, linkage rods being too short and ripping off and of course, links that could never go on straight. In addition, I also enquire about the looseness of the ball links on the linkage balls. The problem I am having is that the washout arm links are fitting extremely well, but the rest of the ball links have in-out play on them out of the box, which in my book stands for worn linkage.
The washout linkage I am referring to is this

AND YES. The moderator( 飛行公仔), the man that brought us all the latest news about Align products release and upgrade, replied. Apparently, Align has not received any complaints about the ball links being too loose and I am the first. With regards to the ball links cracking and breaking, he commented that it could have been damage upon crash impact due to servo horns stripping in flight, i.e. the linkages broke as a result of the crash and was not what casued the crash(Although I am really doubting this…). No comment was made on the linkage rod length, but if you take a look at the latest linkage rod pack from Align, there have secretly increase the length of rod D and C, the problematic ones. Lastly, the crocked ball links. He explained that the recent batch of links had some production problem and assured that this problem has been looked into and QC has been stepped up.

So it seems the stand of Align is firm on this. There is no problem with the ball links and at least for now, there is not going to be any “upgrade ball links” from Align.

Click HERE to view the thread…It’s in Chinese and took me more than 1hour to type it, wonder how the chinese survive on their forum…you will need to log in to view the photos.

Ball links/rods/elevator link update kit
Yesterday, someone posted on Helifreak that Assurance R/C is giving out update kits for kits distributed through them. I am not exactly sure how true the rumour is, but if you are interested to know more about updates, you can visit the threads belows.

Also, a very interesting thread of the links in lower temperature.

An addition to the Quick UK linkage replacement set
While Quick UK has come up with a 700N linkage replacement set, it doesn’t include the two long blade grip linkage balls, which means that you are still stuck with the crocked double links. It seems that someone has finally posted a solution on runryder and it comes in the form of this…

Blade grip post with removable linkage balls. Click HERE to view the thread

With all these fixes and solution, lets hope we can solve this problem for good

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