Alex, Jason Krause, Andy Yu and Alan Szabo have done it again!

Lol…I had you going.  Well its not a Align T-Rex 900, but it should be.  I have been looking for a way to buy a Robinson R44 and stumbled across the Mosquito Ultralight Helicopter.  For about $30,000 you can get the piston XE version and for $36,000 you can get the XEL which is the turbine version.    A private fixed wing pilots license is required to fly.  How would you like to see this fly at the next fun-fly.  Maybe “Chung” can mod it to fly inverted.

The Mosquito is one of the worlds lightest manned Helicopters that has been designed and developed over the past 10 years to deliver performance, reliability and ease of flight. Ken Armstrong of Kit Planes Magazine said, “Mosquito is convincing – it’s as close as you can come to real flying with almost no means of support, and the view is at least as good as a bird”. He also said that “Flying the refined Mosquito was the most fun I’ve ever had with a Helicopter!”.




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