Align has released a video the demonstrates as well as mocks some of the features of the Align APS Gyro similar to the DJI Wookong-H.

YouTube Preview Image

Align Helicopter APS system features:

  1. Semi-autonomous take off / Landing (Activate system, semi-autonomous takeoff into position and altitude hold, hovers in attitude hold with strong holding ability to prevent drifting, suitable for hover and flight training)
  2. Failsafe (Activate system, automatic return home during loss of signal situation)
  3. Auto flight (Activate system, transmitter can execute multiple waypoint settings, enabling point to point automatic flights.)
  4. Emergency bailout stabilization (loss of orientation, activate system, aircraft flips right side up, goes into position and altitude hold hover, and wait for further command).
  5. Autonomous return home (Completion of mission, activate return home command)
  6. Simple logical setting through transmitter (APS system does not require complex PC setups)
  7. Supports software upgrades

Source: Align Corp

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