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ALIGN APS V1.1 update is free for download now!!!

Thanks to the support of enthusiasts all over, the popularity of new Align APS gyro has lead the market into a new trend. We have received numerous feedback from enthusiasts since its introduction, and discovered performance variances due to the large number of radio transmitters currently on the market. To alleviate such discrepancy amongst different radio transmitters, we now introduce APS GYRO V1.1 firmware upgrade, with free online download similar to 3GX upgrade.

Here are the new features:
1. Improve the control feel in APS mode, making the helicopter control feel more smooth and natural.
2. Adding helicopter heading direction gain adjustment, to alleviate tail hunting under APS mode as result of
transmitter discrepancy .
3. Adding APS mode control feel adjustment, allowing different control feel to be achieved through ATT and HOR gain dials.
4. Maximum altitude restriction increased from 500M to 700M.
5. Automatic Landing Safety deceleration system

Please find below link for the download page for APS V1.1 update:

Source: Align Corporation

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