After a whole bunch of rain, snow, and wind the south is trying to finally warm up bringing everyone out to play! Here is a recent vid of Matt Botos taking the N5 out for some tweaking, tuning, and a little beating! Also a little info on his gear changes on the N5 so far this year! Enjoy!

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We finally got some decent weather here in the south so I decided to take the N5 out for a little motor tuning and a bit of a beating to knock the dust off. I have to admit, over the last few years I’ve focused on a more smooth, fast, and precise style of flying but, ever since I started flying with the Futaba 8FG Transmitter I feel like my fingers are on some sort of ultra connected speed steroid. It is truly amazing! I also decided to try some new cyclic servos this year, the Futaba BLS252. These servos are labeled an “F3C Heli Servo” because of their excellent centering capabilities, but don’t let the description fool you! These servos are very capable of a quick, snappy,  smack-down style of flying if that’s what you desire. At 6 volts they pump out 175 oz-in. of torque at a respectable .13sec/60°. Hope you enjoy the video! As far as an update on Synergy Hong Kong, Chinese New Year is almost over, we will know more about the N5 release date after that.

Source: Matt Botos

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