I received an email containing Advantage Hobby News dated June 25, 2010. In it was information on ElyQ Vision 50 heli kits that are “In Stock and Shipping”. Congratulations Advantage Hobby. Read on for more information.

Advantage Hobby - ElyQ

Advantage Hobby Adds ElyQ RC Helis
Ely Q: A true blend of design, value, and performance
In stock and shipping!

Designed in Italy, manufactured in China, ElyQ Models combine exciting European styling and design, with the low cost manufacturing capabilities of China to create a true blend of design and value.

ElyQ has just released 2 new Models:

Vision 50 Ultimate – Value Edition
Vision 50 Ultimate VE

Designed for the beginning modeler, the Vision 50 Ultimate “Value Edition, priced at only $159.99, is the ideal entry level, low cost 50 size heli. Find out more here…

Vision 50 3D Competition – Xtreme Edition
Vision 50 3D Competition XE

The New Vision 50 3D Competition XE “Xtreme Edition” heli is a highly upgraded version of the previous Vision 50 3D Competition, and offers the following additional upgrades:

* Metal Tail Grips
* Carbon Tail Blades
* Carbon Paddles
* SS Tail Hub with Angular Bearings
* Ultra Lite Fan Hub
* Ultra Lite Swashplate
* Torque Tube Tail Drive
* Metal Tail Case
* Bottom Frame
* Frame Braces
* Aluminum Tail Boom
* Pre Painted FRP Canopy
* Metal Stabilizer Fin Bracket
* Tail Brace End Spacers

With all these upgrades, and an ultra cool pre-painted canopy all for only $399.99, the new XE is not only an incredible model, but an incredible value. See more here…

Advantage Hobby now has the complete lineup of ElyQ Heli kits and all parts in stock and ready to ship!

With three 50 Size “Vision” Models offered, and several more models currently in development, ElyQ is the ideal choice for pilots wanting an exotic Heli, at a modest price.

A check of the ElyQ website reveals Advantage Hobby as with A Main Hobbies, Experience RC, and RC Heliworks was selected on the basis of the information gathered in regards to the Reputation, Customer Service, Product Knowledge, and Efficiency. Also demonstrating a high level of Expertise and Passion for ElyQ products and R/C helicopters.

Source: ElyQ and email from Advantage Hobby

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